My impressions:

00:04:13 – FBI Man is hanging upside down recording messages for the mysterious Diane. I assume she’s his secretary but I hope we find out she’s actually a dog or a large pillow or something.

00:05:45 – Weird Audrey has shown up and he seems taken with her.

00:06:15 – Someone has a Canada hat in the background.

00:06:56 – Audrey is being very sexual with him, I wonder if he knows she’s in high school.

00:09:33 – I am all of a sudden suspicious of Donna’s doctor dad. I think maybe I was suspicious of him last episode but now I’m doubly suspicious.

00:10:11 – I hope this waitress gets away from her terrible husband soon.

00:19:37 – Donna’s parents are way too supportive and understanding for TV parents. Maybe they both killed Laura.

00:21:36 – Why is FBI man so obsessed with cherry pie? He said it’s so good it will kill you. Maybe Laura was killed with cherry pie.

00:22:26 – Ed the Garage Man’s wife is craaaazy. She cares so much about her drapes.

00:28:02 – I’m unclear about who this Katherine woman is but she’s a real jerkbutt.

00:29:05 – Okay clearly it’s a big reveal that she’s having an affair with this person but I can’t remember who he is.

00:30:32 – Okay I looked it up, it’s Audrey’s Dad who owns a lot of stuff. There are a lot of similar looking white people on this show.

00:32:20 – Ah what the shit, there was a creepy long-haired man in Laura’s parents’ living room! I think it was a hallucination but yeuch he was creepy creepy.

00:36:31 – Audrey is my favourite character so far.

00:40:12 – Actually maybe the log lady is my favourite character. Why is she so crazy? What’s the significance of her log? This show is really growing on me.

00:41:33 – Ugh, why does Leo put on pump up music to beat up his wife? He’s my LEAST favourite character.

00:44:49 – Wait, was Laura having an affair with her weird old psychiatrist?